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Nike Threatens Fire & Brimstone Over Satanic Custom Shoe Makers

Graphic that reads: The Briefing The Ip Law Blog Nike Threatens Fire & Brimstone Over Satanic Custom Shoe MakerIn this week’s episode of The Briefing by The IP Law Blog, attorneys Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss the trademark litigation between Nike and a custom shoe maker, MSCHF (pronounced “Mischief”). In Nike Inc. v MSCHF Product Studio, Inc. Nike sued MSCHF over unauthorized versions of the Nike Air Max 97 featuring satanic imagery. The shoes were tied into marketing by Rapper Lil Nas X, and all 666 pairs created by MSCHF were sold.

View the video recording of this episode on the Weintraub Tobin YouTube channel, here.

What’s In a Name: Clearing Titles for Film and Television

Title Frame - The Briefing from the IP Law Blog. What's In a Name: Clearances for Film and TelevisionIn this week’s episode, attorneys Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss the process of clearing titles for Film and Television shows. They discuss recent high-stakes litigation around entertainment titles, including Stouffer v. National Geographic Partners LLC, Jon Astor-White v. Daniel Strong (Empire), and the “Honey Badger” case.

View the video on YouTube here:https://youtu.be/3w8Bcjb6__A

Here’s a link to a previous episode of The Briefing discussing the Empire litigation: https://www.theiplawblog.com/2020/10/articles/copyright-law/empire-copyright-litigation/

Here’s an article Scott wrote on how the Empire litigation extended permitted use of third-party trademarks: https://www.theiplawblog.com/2017/12/articles/trademark-law/ruling-in-lawsuit-over-foxs-use-of-empire-extends-permitted-use-of-third-party-trademarks/

Here is a link to an article on the IP Law Blog about the “Honey Badger” case: https://www.theiplawblog.com/2018/08/articles/ip/honey-badger-dont-care-the-rogers-test-and-trademark-infringement/